Couch Potato Gaming
"where being called a couch potato is a compliment"


Retro Gaming For All Ages!

Who We Are

Good People of Charlotte!

Remember those old classic video games we all used to spend countless hours playing in our mom’s basement? Remember eating two boxes of Totino’s pizza rolls and drinking 4 liters of Mountain Dew during late night LAN parties? Do you wish you could relive those memories? Well you can’t, but we’ll try to give you the next best thing. Couch Potato is here to provide a retro-gaming space where all lovers of video games can come together to celebrate the original pioneers of gaming. We’ll provide an environment full of multiple video game consoles from all generations including the original NES, the Sega Genesis, Playstation 1, Nintendo 64, etc. Our wish is to create a sanctuary where you can feel right at home, and being called a Couch Potato is considered a compliment.


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